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Caucasus International University

Located in the capital city of Tbilisi in Georgia, Caucasus International University is one of the top medical universities of Georgia established in 1995. The university was established as a medical institute by the name “Clinisist” and received an international license and accreditation in 2005. Caucasus International University has shown tremendous growth and development ever since its inception in terms of infrastructure like a library, auditorium, gym, courtyard, etc., meeting European standards. Presently, about 100 Indian students are studying MBBS at Caucasus International University in Georgia. Another success of CIU
Caucasus International University went through the authorization process with great success and has been granted authorization for six years by the joint decision of the Authorization Council of the National Center for Education Quality Enhancement In 2018 (14.11.2018 decision #88). The highest assessment document was issued among the higher educational institutions of Georgia.
Caucasus International University – LLC was granted an institutional accreditation for 5 years on the basis of the decision made by the Accreditation Council of Higher Education Institution in 2007. Afterward, CIU was granted Authorization for 5 years on the basis of the decision made by the Authorization Council of HEI of the National Center for Educational Quality Enhancement in 2012. During the period of the last authorization (from 2012 – till present) up to 30 Undergraduate, One- cycle, Post-graduate and Ph.D. Educational Programs of Caucasus International University LLC were granted accreditation.
By the decision of the Authorization Council of National Centre for Educational Quality Enhancement made on 14 July 2015 Caucasus International University application has been approved and in accordance with the decision of the council the number of university students has been defined by 4700.

Caucasus International University Awards

“Leader of 2018” – Caucasus International University was nominated at the 48th National Business Leaders Award Ceremony. The event was organized by Georgian National Business Ratings Union and Swiss Rating Association.

On March 4, 2019, by the unanimous decision of the Accreditation Council members of Higher Educational Programmes of National Center for Educational Quality Enhancement, the number of CIU students has increased by 2700 and has been defined in total by 7400.

CIU offers Bachelor, One-step, Master, and Doctoral programs.

CIU offers the following faculties:

  • Business and Technology;
  • Social Sciences;
  • Law;
  • Medicine;
  • Viticulture-Winemaking.

University Vision:

Caucasus International University is an educational-scientific institution that supports socio-economic progress and develops values of Georgian and world culture based on modern knowledge.

University Mission:

Caucasus International University creates modern learning and the scientific environment by implementing innovative methods, as well as through intercultural education and diverse university life. The University ensures upbringing a generation with democratic values that will be competitive at the local and international labor markets.

Course duration

4.8 Years + 1 Year Rotational Internship


National Medical Commission (NMC), Education Commission of Foreign Medical Graduates (ECFMG), Association of Medical Education in Europe (AMEE), Association of Medical School in Europe (AMSE), Eurasian University Union (EURAS), Ministry of Education, Georgia, and National center for education quality enhancement


50% aggregate marks in PCB subjects and NEET passing score


Country Rank – 20

World Rank – 9394

Medium of teaching 


Georgian National University SEU - Quick Highlights 2023

Find out the major facts of Georgian National University SEU for MBBS education:



Intake for MBBS Course



Yes, Required

Annual Tuition Fees (approx)

5500 USD

Course Duration

6 years

Medium of Instruction

English and Georgian language

Ranking of University

Country Rank - 20
World Rank - 9441

University Recognition

NMC & WHO Approved

Accreditation and Recognition

The university is affiliated, acknowledged and accredited by many authorities mentioned below:

  • National Medical Commission (NMC)
  • National centre for quality education enhancement Georgian National University SEU.
  • Ministry of education and healthcare of Georgia.
  • World Health Organization (WHO)

Georgian National University SEU - Ranking 2023

Refer Uni Rank for the Country and World ranking of Georgian National University SEU mentioned below:





Medium of Teaching

Georgia yet again stands conducive to study MBBS in Europe for Indian students due to the universal medium they have chosen. MBBS in Georgia is taught by esteemed faculties spread across a duration of 6 years.

  • Medical Council of India and World Health Organization approves the best medical colleges in Georgia. Therefore, all MBBS courses in Georgia must follow English as a medium of instruction.
  • This facilitates effortless give and take between international students and faculties from all around the world. The common barrier in communication to study MBBS abroad is solved with this.

Lifestyle in Georgia

Each country has its own culture and adapting to it is an adventure in itself. As a student, one must be open-minded not just in the classroom, but also in the playground, so to speak. Following are some tips that will help as a heads-up.

  • Having a keen eye for aspects of change in comparison to one’s lifestyle
  • Flexibility is paramount as students from several backgrounds who have aspired to study MBBS in European countriesor studying other courses, like MD in Georgia, will most probably occupy your surroundings
  • Making memories that are unique and personal with the locals, indigenous food and language with a dash of inquisitiveness will go a long way.

General hostel and accommodation facilities in universities of Georgia MBBS

Universities in Georgia take the welfare of their foreign students very seriously. They go all-out to provide foreign students with space and comfort to carry out their education and personal development without any hiccups.

  • Living costs in Georgia are made cheap for students
  • Hostel facilities for students doing their MBBS in Georgia is a prerogative
  • Cleanliness and organization with fully furnished and maintained hostels keep up their reputation
  • Internet is available at all times and all spaces within the campus
  • Georgia gets very cold during winters but this is tackled by the heating facilities in classrooms and hostels.
  • The new-day basic necessities are all taken care of

Note: Students also have the option of off-campus accommodation such as rented flats or apartments, hotels, lodges, homestay with a host family, etc.

Students are at liberty to devise their living situation accordingly. However, one must give just as much importance to choosing accommodation as a university.

Checklist to choose same effectively:

  • Knowledge of expenses: electricity, water and food, etc
  • Contract first; occupancy second
  • The university is always available to take queries in case of housing.

Safety of Indian students in Georgia

In case one wants to study MBBS in Europe for Indian students, Georgia is the safest option.

Global Peace Index derives Georgia in the 85th position. For some perspective, India is at 141st rank and USA, 103rd position.

Advantages of studying MBBS in Georgia

As a student zero’s in on options to study MBBS abroad, it is a prerogative to consider the following points regarding MBBS colleges in Georgia.

  • Studying MBBS in Georgia is synonymous with beyond theoretical classwork. Hands-on experiments and clinical clerkship from the 1st semester builds skill and confidence alike in students.
  • As mentioned before, the quality of education is indubitably unparalleled and well equipped with great technology and infrastructure as one chooses to pursue medical in Georgia.
  • Accommodation facilities and food accessibility, including Indian food, are consistent and competes with the quality of the MBBS in Georgia for Indian students.
  • To study MBBS in Georgia, including pursuing medicine even from the Georgian private colleges, is an affordable affair as compared to any other country.
  • Safety is not a concern when one chooses to study MBBS in Georgia for Indian students. Commuting in public transport and exploring the country will not be an ordeal that the students will face.
  • The straight forward admission process to study MBBS in Georgia makes it even more appealing. MBBS course in Georgia requires a decent score in Physics, Chemistry and Biology subjects in the 12th standard to take admission in the best medical colleges in Georgia.
  • International faculties that break geographical barriers with outstanding expertise make studying MBBS in Georgia worthwhile, among other features.
  • An approximate concession of 50% on transportation can be leveed by international students that study MBBS in Georgia.
  • Options of superlative internships and scope for furthering studies, such as studying MD in Georgia, are offered after MBBS in Georgia within Georgia.
  • Universities in Georgia are recognized by WHO and UNESCO.

Eligibility Criteria for MBBS in Georgia for Indian students

  • To be applicable to study MBBS in Georgia 2023, the student is required to be over 17-years-old as of 31st December 2023.
  • Completion of a higher secondary or an equivalent degree from a recognized university or board is a must. MBBS in Georgia without NEET cannot be pursued.
  • It is mandatory in some universities in Georgia that students enrolling into an MBBS in Georgia must clear IELTS/TOEFL with a good score. The universities that don’t deem it necessary, take personal interviews instead.
  • Students falling under the general category need a 50% aggregate in Physics, Chemistry and Biology combined in their higher secondary (English should have also been a compulsory subject). Students under the SC/ST/OBC category must have a 40% aggregate for the same.

Admission Process to study MBBS in Georgia for Indian students

The plan-of-action that an aspiring student needs to chalk out for a seamless admission process to nail an MBBS in Georgia is trouble-free.

  • Step 1:It always starts with filling an online application form, keeping in a stack the required documents (will be elaborated in the next header).
  • Step 2:An offer letter is issued by the university as soon as they receive the application form. After which, fees can be deposited by students in the bank account of the university.
  • Step 3:An accreditation letter is issued by The Ministry of Education and Science of Georgia to the students after 30 days. The university then receives a ministry order to in turn issue an invitation letter to the students.
  • Step 4:It takes 30 days for visa approval after the above procedure is complete.
  • Step 5:Once the fees is validated, the departure process is fulfilled.

Requisite Documents for a visa to study in Georgia for MBBS

Demanded and indispensable in the process of entering the world of medical in Georgia is the following. Aspirants who travel to solely study in Georgia are given a study visa.

To obtain a study visa, the following must be in order:

  • Original passport valid for one year
  • Six passport size photos
  • Filled application form
  • Admission/offer letter after processing fee
  • Bank statement of the last six months with a copy of income tax return
  • Admission or invitation letter from the university or the institution.
  • Photocopies of IELTS or academic scorecard.
  • Bank certificate of Rs.3-4 Lakhs
  • Photocopies of academic and IELTS scorecards.
  • Two-way tickets of the student

Course structure and details: MBBS in Georgia

MBBS in Georgia for Indian Students encompasses a vast syllabus to make you future ready, be it an MD in Georgia or opportunities beyond the same galore.

1st Year

2nd Year



Medical Genetics


Medical Genetics



Introduction to Public Health

Molecular Biology

Clinical & Professional Skills III

Cardiovascular & Respiratory Systems


History of Medicine

Renal & Reproductive Systems

Clinical & Professional Skills I


Clinical & Professional Skills II


3rd Year

Clinical Rotations


Internal Medicine clerkship



Behavioral Medicine





General Surgery

Introduction to clinical diagnostics II

System Biology

Physical Diagnosis


Clinical Skills

Family Medicine

Medical Management

Clinical radiology


Laboratory Medicine

5th Year

6th Year

Internal Medicine


Clinical Immunology

Family Medicine III






Clinical Practice

Emergency Medicine

Palliative care clerkship

Infectious Diseases


Rehabilitation Medicine


Forensic Medicine


Medical Toxicology


Course Duration: MBBS in Georgia

There is a standard duration followed by all in the Georgian medical education system applied to all universities to study MBBS in Georgia for Indian Students.

It is panned out across 6 years with a year of internship to pursue an education of medical in Georgia

Academic Calendar: Intake in 2023

A glimpse of the important dates an aspirant must keep in mind to get on board the best medical colleges in Georgia. The information below is not absolute and will vary with each university.



Application Start Date

August 2023

Last Date of Application

Oct 2023 - March 2024

Course Commences From

October 2023

PG options: After MBBS in Georgia

MBBS graduates have the option to study MD in Georgia or:

  • Practice in Australia after AMC
  • Practice in US qualifying USMLE
  • Pursue a PG program in Germany
  • Practice in India clearing NEXT exam
  • Practice in UK qualifying PLAB examination.

Career options: After MBBS in Georgia

On completion of MBBS in Georgia, students could take several paths. Career is one such branch which branches out into:

  • MBBS in Georgia is recognized worldwide. It takes only one MCI screen testing to practice in any country of the student’s choice.

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